Bash on Windows 10


Modern day developers using open source software have to span to both windows and linux systems. Allot of open source software are native to linux/Unix systems and they don't always work smoothly on windows systems. Lets install Bash on windows 10.

Enable Developer mode

Click on search Windows icon and type developer, click on Use developer features.


Click on Developer mode radio button , A warning will pop up, click yes and restart your system

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Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)

Click on search windows icon and type features, Click on Turn features on or off.


Scroll down and check the box next to Windows Subsystem for Linux(Beta) and restart system.

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Install Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Click on windows search and type term and click on Command Prompt.


Type bash, A notification will let you know that you are about to install Ubuntu on windows. Type y to continue.


This will download Ubuntu with out the kernel and install it in windows 10.

Enter a user name and password and exit the command prompt.


Run Bash

Click on windows search and type bash, Click on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.


You now have a full limited Ubuntu installation inside windows.


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